How Can I Benefit from MHSleepTestingTM?

MHSleepTestingTM offers the following advantages:

Save Money
• Save hundreds over an initial sleep center visit

Use Anywhere
• Quick and easy shipping to anywhere in the US

Save Time
• No need to travel to a sleep center for your initial sleep apnea diagnosis

No Prescription Needed (for self-pay)
• Doctor visit not required for the MHSleepTestingTM kit

Ease of Use
• Shipped to your door
• 3-step process
• Return shipping included

Simply complete the quick and easy online order information, choose whether to use your insurance or self-pay, and the equipment will be delivered to your home within 5 business days – assembled and ready to use.

That night, use the enclosed instructions or watch the instructional video on our website to attach the equipment in the right places. It’s easy – a belt around your chest, a cannula in your nose, and a monitor on your finger, and you’re ready to get started! Then just sleep in your own bed, as normal. The next day, pack the equipment into the enclosed, pre-paid envelope and call or go online to arrange a pick-up with UPS. Your results will be ready within 5 business days! Based on your results, you and your doctor can determine your best course of treatment.


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